Brad- Skipper186a2466-29

Brad grew up with a boating background but little sailing.   He became an accidental sailor in 2011 when he was asked to join a friend on a 38’ Seawind catamaran in the Whitsundays.   As the trip approached, Brad discovered that his buddy’s sailing skills consisted of sundowners on a sailboat. This led to two months of weekends learning the ropes and completing the ASA 101 and 103. Turns out, Brad was a great sailor and their trip to Australia was a success! Brad’s next big step was buying his first boat which was a 2010 34’ Beneteau. After sailing her for 2.5 years and passing another ASA course (104), he decided to graduate to a larger vessel. He is now the proud captain/skipper of our KP46!

5 Fun Facts about Brad

  1. He’s an avid Sci-Fi Reader
  2. He listens to sailing podcasts daily- to and from work
  3. He’s a water fanatic! Paddle boarding, diving, body surfing, wake boarding, skiing, fishing and of course a sailor!
  4. He grew up in the Bay Area
  5. He has traveled to 30 countries on 6 continents.

Sarah- First Mate


Sarah was introduced to sailing when she met Brad in 2014.   He asked her to join on a San Diego Harbor Cruise and she was hooked! 8 months later, Brad booked a bareboat charter in the BVI which was the catalyst for Sarah completing her ASA 101 course. With just the 2 of them on a 43’ boat in the BVI’s, Sarah was forced to learn all kinds of fun things and passed her ASA 103 class upon their return. Sarah’s taste in boats took a drastic change when she was introduced to the 80’s cruisers and she fell in love with their beautiful woodwork and sturdy construction. She is now the proud First Mate of our KP46!

5 Fun Facts about Sarah

  1. She grew up in the sticks in Oregon with horses, cows, pigs and chickens.
  2. She is a diehard VW TDI fan and comes from a diesel family.
  3. She is the proud owner of a Sailrite LSZ1- Premium
  4. Her first stamp in her passport was to the BVI- (spoiled)
  5. She’s obsessed with taking photos whether it’s with her iPhone or professional DSLR camera.



Sydney is a 4-year-old Labradoodle.   She’s a classy beach bum with a touch of snooty and moody all in one. If she could have her way, she would spend each and every day at the beach fetching, swimming and digging. She knows the word Beach and we have resorted to having to spell the word out in conversation to avoid her disappointed glances.  She is a smart cookie and I have no doubt she’ll make a great deckhand!

Zorra-Stewardess (Retired)


First Name: Zorra. Last Name: Bear. She’s a 10 and a half year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that will convince you that she’s never been pet, or that she’s never had an ounce of food her entire life. She’s the perfect lap dog and if she had her way, she would lick everyone to death. She snores like a chainsaw and turns out she is the most resourceful eater (because we never feed her), she’s keen on seaweed, sand and dirt. She’ll make a great boat dog, I mean Stewardess!