Call me a slacker…

I must admit, there has been some serious slacking going on when it comes to the blog and keeping it up to date. So let’s put that behind us and get caught up!

We have been blessed to have family and our friend, Sean, come down for visits! The Harley family arrived the 19th and departed the 27th. They stayed at Paradise Village Resort which happens to be where we had the boat docked. It allowed us to spend lots of quality time together! During their visit we ate our way through the resort, took our dinghy up the estuary on crocodile hunts, took the boat out for a whale watching tour, enjoyed the local farmers market together and visited Puerto Vallarta. Each activity was a success in its own right. My favorite was taking the boat out whale watching. It was a pleasure showing them some of the sites we’ve been seeing and to show them how the boat handles. Also, we shared some firsts with them. It was our first time seeing a huge manta ray, and so many whales in one outing!

Our tour of Puerto Vallarta was a close second. We all piled into a cab and arrived about 30 minutes later to the malecon which is very similar to a boardwalk back in the states. There are plenty of tourist shops, restaurants and sculptures along the way- oh and the beach! We stopped at a restaurant called Casa Traditional which served excellent food and margaritas. Wow, was it tasty and the service was wonderful.The time certainly flew with the Harley crew, but that means we had a great time together. I know we will cherish the time spent and are very thankful they came all this way to spend Christmas with us!

Soon after the Harley family left Brad was down for the count with his first cold on the boat. It was an adventure picking cough medicine at the pharmacy- thank goodness for the google translate camera feature. All you do is point the camera to the text you’re trying to translate and it shows you in English. How lucky are we that technology is so great?! It’s a good thing it was a quick cold because Sean arrived the 29th to spend the New Year with us. Brad and I were both excited to pick him up at the airport and show him around.

So far we have gone to our favorite restaurants near the marina, visited Puerto Vallarta, spent New Years at the beach watching the fireworks together, left the marina and sailed to La Cruz, and are now anchored in Punta Mita. It has been fun exploring each of these places and there’s so much more to see! We’ve been keeping the Harley game night tradition alive by playing either 31 or Mexican Train before bedtime. Both games are so much fun to play!

Puerto Vallarta Version Dos…

La Cruz views…Punta Mita, so far…Sydney’s Perspective…things have been mediocre these past few weeks. The resort doesn’t allow dogs, who do they think they are?! But you know what, I broke the rules and showed up on NYE, neener neener! I’ve been getting plenty of walks, a few bites of ice cream and just a smidgeon of beach time. You know that’s not my order of preference. I shall punish my humans with my death glares and pouty faces. Maybe that will teach them!

Well, there you have it folks! That’s what we’ve been up to the past couple of weeks. Visiting and just hanging out. We hope your 2018 is also off to a splendid start! Cheers from the crew of SV Perspective!

2 thoughts on “Call me a slacker…”

  1. Ok, no one can ever call you a slacker!!! Are you kiddin’!
    It looks like you had a great Christmas and it’s pretty special that Brad’s family was able to be there. It will be a Christmas to remember for everyone for sure.
    I love visiting all the cities with you through the pictures you take. Thanks for taking the time to post them all and share the experiences.
    Happy New Year to you both. I send wishes for 2018 to be full of exciting and beautiful memories.

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