50 days of captivity and 9 cocodrilos!

We had great plans of getting our boat ship shape today including oiling our external teak, but you know what? We didn’t do any of that! Instead we had a relaxed morning, took Sydney to the beach and then headed up the estuary on a crocodile hunt.The crocodile hunt was a family event, with Sydney on board. We had her tied into the dinghy so she was forced to behave and stay in the boat. Safety first! Both Brad and I were scanning the shores like hawks and we finally had our first encounter. Bummer for us, it was over before it really began. But it was enough to spark our excitement to keep looking. Brad spotted the next two, they were 2 little guys sun bathing on a concrete slab. Very cute!

Along the way we saw iguanas in the trees and tons of large birds which we believe are egrets. Their wing span is incredible as they completely spread out and fly. You an actually hear the air whooshing when they are close. The estuary was getting more crododily by the minute as we went into the thick of it. We didn’t have another encounter for quite some time, but we did see lots of small crabs on the shore, more egrets and interesting views.Here are the creepy crabs!Brad was steering the dinghy and it became somewhat like a video game. He was dealing with currents, obstacles, and trying not to run aground in the shallow areas. He did a great job and nobody got their eye poked out by low lying sticks. What more could you ask for?! By the time our trip up and down the estuary was over, we counted 9 crocodiles or cocodrilos as they call them here in Nuevo Vallarta. Each of them were very exciting and tricky to catch on camera as they were quick to scurry into the water once they saw us. Estuary views…We are amazed that 50 days have happened in the blink of an eye and are both afraid our time on this adventure is going to zoom past us before we know it. Can’t wait to see what the next 50 days has in store for us, and can’t wait to share it with all of you!

As a bonus, check out our new dock friend. He’s as large as a dog and apparently likes to check himself out in the glass. What a vain iguana!

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  1. I am loving your posts. It’s a great way to escape for a few minutes from the craziness around me and remember that there is a big exciting world out there just waiting to be explored. I am very envious of you both! The new dock friend is most likely a dude….hahaha!

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