Bahía de Los Muertos

Ahhh I know what you’re thinking…doesn’t Bahía de Los Muertos mean bay of the dead? Yes my friends, it sure does! We didn’t let the name scare us away. In fact we had a great and memorable time there.

Our first task as we arrived was to drop the hook, this went off without a hitch. The water was so clear I could see our anchor drop to the bottom, not too shabby! Our passage from Los Frailes to Muertos wasn’t very long but we were roasting hot. A swim was definitely in order!After the swim Brad was doing his best to cheer me up and suggested a nice dinner on shore. I’m not one to say no to food so we “dressed up” and headed to shore. There are two choices, a locals restaurant and the resort restaurant. Of course we chose the locals spot! We dinghy’d to shore and were greeted by a rally member named Steve. He gave us a hand with pulling the dinghy up the shore and he accepted our offer to join us for dinner. Turns out Steve has been single handing his 57 foot boat since Cabo. We got to chatting over dinner and really enjoyed getting to know him. It was a great distraction from the traumatic event of losing Zorra the day before. The next day we went back to the same restaurant for lunch time. We sat outside with Sydney and we met another single handed cruiser, Jim, from Silk Purse. He joined our table and it turns out he also knew Steve. As luck would have it we’ve all become great friends since meeting in Muertos.

We stayed in the anchorage for a few days and finally made a point to explore the resort side. I am so glad we did because it was absolutely gorgeous there. On shore the sand was super soft as it squished between our toes. Sydney also had a wonderful time at the resort beach swimming and digging on shore. What a life!

Resort side…Locals side…Our time was well spent in Muertos but at some point the anchorage went from a calm and pleasant place, to a rolly and frustrating place. If the boat is going to be rolly, I’d rather be on the move! Off to La Paz we went the following morning.

Sydney’s Perspective- I’m getting much better at knowing when the passage is over. Usually I can smell the land first, it makes me so excited! Then the humans scramble about the deck, drop that noisy chain in the water, then eventually lower my shore car. I make a point of being needy and ultra pathetic until they acknowledge that I must be taken to shore. It works every time!

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