Los Frailes

Los Frailes is a fairly protected anchorage and serves as a great resting point between Cabo and Muertos. Los Frailes holds a special place in our hearts as Zorra spent her last days there.As we pulled in we circled looking for a good place to drop the hook. There’s a submarine trench within the anchorage making things a bit tricky. Our guidebook suggested skipping the anchorage if there were more than 6 boats in it, there were close to 15 as we came in. We took our chances, anchored, and headed to shore with the girls. They deserved a break from the boat. Sydney fetched and dug to her hearts content while Zorra rested on shore. Her swollen belly made it hard for her to walk at this point.We heard there was a hiking trail up the mountain so one morning we decided to take a look. Unfortunately we didn’t locate the trail, but we still had a fun time tromping around. The scenery was gorgeous! We also had the chance to meet and chat with fellow cruisers about their upcoming plans. As it turns out, most of us are heading to the same places at the same time. After Zorra passed we felt it was time to leave Los Frailes and head to our next destination. Los Muertos. Leaving was difficult for many reasons but we know Zorra is in a beautiful resting place!

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