Cabo San Lucas

I must admit the blog has been out of control with these long posts. Let’s change it up and do a highlight reel instead!

Cabo San Lucas- the land of cruise ships, jet skis and party boats. We arrived and I was surprised to see that we would be anchoring along a beach in front of resorts. Cabo was nice, but it was such a stark change from the other anchorages we were at. Jessi (Jesper’s wife) joined us for a couple of days and it was awesome to have her aboard! We took the dinghy and explored Lover’s Cove.Finish Line Party at Squid Row- the people watching there was phenomenal! Awards Ceremony- the rally held an awards ceremony with gifts for each contestant. Fueling up- we were reluctant to fuel up because of the horror stories we had heard regarding price gouging. We were pleasantly surprised this was not the case!

Swimming conditions were great in Cabo- other than the fact you had to stay near the boat to avoid collisions with jet skiers. The water was warm and very clear!Farewell to Jessi and Jesper- I cried as we said goodbye to our friends, I wouldn’t consider this to be a highlight, but definitely notable! Brad and I would be on our own for awhile. Dun dun dunnnnnn! 😜

Leaving Cabo was certainly a highlight! We were looking forward to a change of scenery. We were headed to Los Frailes next!

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